In Time

Master time, the greatest healer!

Knocked on doors of my yearning soul,

Asked why agony has tainted me foul?

Said, with a single touch, I can heal,

If you follow me, make a solemn deal,

I can mark you with a happiness seal.

I thanked time for the grandest offer,

I said, for now, kindly let me suffer.

My pain for her is as vast as the ocean,

Let me drown for now in her emotions.

And you by my side is a good relief,

But I am not ready yet, to give up grief!


Lady sleep, the greatest consoler!

Knocked on doors of my yearning soul,

Asked why agony has tainted me foul?

Said, I offer solace, sleep on my lap,

Come dear; it’s been long; take a nap.

I said, only if I can see her in my dreams,

Or let me be restless, wail and scream!

Said, why consumed with such worries,

Don’t hold too long on sad memories.

I said, good ones packed safe in heart,

But the bad ones never quickly depart,

Sinks deep inside, becomes a sad part!


In the court of grief, they are my subjects,

Today their presents, I have to reject.

My sufferings for my mother is not pride,

But I want to feel it raw, don’t wish to hide.

And I know someday I can’t beg to differ,

I have to understand and accept their offer!

✦•······················•✦•······················•✦ •······················•✦

“In Time” dedicated to my mommy ( my everything)



  1. All things happen in their own time and healing is just one of them. This is beautifully written in language and form. Keep searching and expressing your emotions, my friend. When you get the chance, do me the kind favor of reading my post “Vessel”. Sending you much love brother V!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading; I am unsure if your comment is about the poem or a general idea about emotions. Either way, the way feelings can turn, you can never know and isn’t it the same with life as well? We may love the beginning or in between but thrown away by the end, sometimes in such a manner that it’s difficult to find a direction. Thanks a lot for reading and your comments 🙏


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