Perfect Love

Your foggy eyes

Crave for a fine vision

A sublime expression

A beautiful imagination

The purest devotion

All that mind can see

A grand fantasy

That can’t be

In life’s reality

In the world’s mentality

In fate’s brutality

A lovely dream

An unsold fiction!


Don’t compromise

With your choice

Just open your eyes

Rub them once

For a clear chance

You are not unworthy

To live your dreams

Only failing to see

With your shut eyelids

The love that already exists

Not exactly like a dream

Maybe much lesser

Or could even get better

But how will you know

If you don’t show

That you can love too

With an open heart!


Don’t settle for less

But let me profess

Tiny simple moments

Create a bigger dream

Cherished memories

Are common stories

Love will feel perfect

Only when you accept

All the regular things

With their shortcomings

That includes you

That includes me

And the whole world

If only you tried to see

The usual amidst your fantasies!

Dedicated to my mommy ” my everything”



    • Hi Brad, sorry for a delayed response, I was facing some temporary issue with my blog and other things including my feelings keeping me away. Thanks for reading and your approving comments. take care my friend,

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